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Sharyn O' Halloran

While attending the University of California San Diego, Dr. Sharyn O’Halloran majored in economics and political science and minored in Spanish literature. She graduated from the University earning honors, and ultimately receiving a PhD in Political Science. Since leaving the University, she has dedicated her own career to higher education.

Currently, O’Halloran teaches political economics at Columbia University. In this position, she has supervised classes in the fields of political economy of regulation, trade and finance, minority representation, and democratic institutions. She serves the University as a Professor of both graduate and undergraduate studies and is Director of the Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis program at the School of International and Public Affairs. Additionally, she has long served as the Chair of the University Senate.

Sharyn O’Halloran took time in 1998 to accept a role of Visiting Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Here, she researched the political and economic determinants of regulatory design in addition to teaching the course, Globalization & U.S. International Economic Policy.

Including her research at Stanford University, she has a number of published works. She has produced five books and more than 40 articles. Her various research pursuits have resulted in prestigious grants from the Russell Sage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, and the National Science Foundation.

In 2005, Sharyn O’Halloran received the Decade of Behavioral Research Award due to her work on majority-minority voting districts and their impact on minority representation in Congress. The Decade of Behavioral Research Award honors individuals who have positively impacted the field of social and behavioral science.


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