Ross MacGregor - Ross MacGregor - General Manager, H & R Energy

Ross MacGregor

He was born in May, thirty something years ago in the highlands of Scotland. He now lives and works in Glasgow but to Ross Macgregor, Spean Bridge will always be home.

Always on the go, those that know Ross will attest to the fact that he does not sit still. He has been involved in all kinds of activities and sports from his school years at Lochaber High and student years at Perth and until today, Ross remains a very active individual. He keeps himself occupied with a surprising amount of sporty past times. He snowboards, jet skis, angles, plays rugby and shinty, he sails, shoots clay pigeons, races quad bikes, belongs to the four wheel drive club and is also an avid golfer. For Macgregor, Spean Bridge golf club is almost like a second home. He is a skilled player of the game and relishes every moment on the course.

After completing his Higher National Diploma in Business and Tourism, Macgregor started working at a local brokering business. He absorbed every bit of information he was presented with and very soon gained a keen understanding of the industry. The speed at which he progressed led to him being promoted quite quickly and passing his exam to become a fully qualified FSA regulated stockbroker. In this more senior role, he led a globetrotting lifestyle, often jetting to countries abroad to meet with clients to give presentations and lead discussion groups.

As a senior stock broker, Ross was responsible for 30 brokers and a selection of clients. He kept his clients up to date with all aspects of portfolio management. During this time, he developed a deep interest in environmental affairs and spent a lot of time researching the topic. After nearly a decade as a broker, he decided to take a completely different direction and to follow his dreams of making an impact in the world in regards to renewable energy.

When Ross Macgregor; Spean Bridge go-getter, speaks about the environment, it is with great passion and determination. He feels strongly about everybody on earth doing their part to fix this situation that the negligent behaviour of mankind has gotten us into. He started working in the industry four years ago and now holds the position of general manager for a company called H & R Energy.

Ross uses the years of knowledge gained to give advice in a consultative capacity on areas cultivated for renewable energy. He specialises in biomass plantations and wind turbines. His varied role also involves contractual aspects and pricing for plantations and cultivation. He is passionate about raising awareness of the impact of our carbon footprint to the world and works towards becoming a major figure in the sector. As Ross Macgregor says, "My aim is for companies to realise what effect their carbon footprint has on the planet."


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