Rockstar Academy - Reality television show Rockstar Academy follows 12 young hopefuls through their training to become rock stars.

Rockstar Academy

The new reality television show Rockstar Academy, Road to Becoming a Rock Star, offers a perfect fusion of drama and competition similar to shows such as American Idol, Jersey Shore, and The Apprentice. Upbeat and entertaining, Rockstar Academy depicts highly ambitious musicians struggling to achieve recognition. Following a series of competitive trials, the show’s winning musician earns a record deal.

Rockstar Academy features numerous prominent figures from the music and entertainment industry. The judging panel currently includes accomplished industry professionals Elise Estrada, Adam H., and George Caceres. Perhaps best known for her hit songs “Insatiable” and “Unlove You,” Elise Estrada has toured with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys, Nelly, Sean Kingston, and 50 Cent. Adam H. maintains a prominent role in the music business, writing and producing a wide range of hit songs. As a recording artist, Adam H. is best known for hit songs such as “Saturday Night,” “Feel Good,” and “Shining Star.” He also serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of the international music and media company RockSTAR Music Corp. Similarly accomplished, George Caceres holds extensive experience as an Executive Producer and Producer for television shows and Hollywood films. George Caceres also operates the George Caceres Foundation, a charitable cause that helps children across the United States realize their dreams by personally interacting with celebrities. Rockstar Academy also features exciting lineups of celebrity guest stars, including Mark Ballas, Chelsie Hightower, Lucas Grabeel and Ray J.


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