Robert Pope - OSHA Construction Safety Specialist

Robert Pope, New London CT is a Construction Safety Professional with 25 years’ experience. Mr. Pope is the owner and the principal Safety Professional of American Construction Safety Solutions LLC and a Safety Consultant for United Alliance Services Corporation (UASC). He is a Certified Health & Safety Technician (CHST) as well as an OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer.

Mr. Pope has a copyrighted proprietary Safety Tracking System (STS) that tracks and reports ongoing safety performance to management that helps to minimize the overall at-risk chances on construction jobsites.

He also has expertise in reducing EMR's, injury rates and Workers Compensation costs.

Robert Pope is experienced in all areas of safety management at the corporate and jobsite levels. He has worked with Construction Managers, General contractors, Subcontractors, Project Owners, Contractors, Independent Safety Consultants and Underwriters. Bob Pope has worked as a Safety Supervisor overseeing up to $800 million in construction work on multiple projects.



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