Rick Valente - Rick Valente internationally renowned as being a prominent body building figure, personal trainer, and fitness instructor.

Rick Valente

Internationally renowned bodybuilder Rick Valente has appeared in numerous print publications, fitness films, and television spots. Born and raised in Connecticut, Rick Valente began exploring the world of fitness and bodybuilding at only 10 years of age. Inspired by Bodybuilders in related sports magazines, Rick Valente aspired to transform his physique into his ideal shape. Four decades later, pictures he saved as a child are still on display, only now they share wall space with an array of trophies, awards, and medals he earned playing sports and participating in bodybuilding competitions.

A fitness lover throughout his life, Rick Valente participated in a variety of sports during his childhood and adolescent years. After high school, at age 19, Rick Valente joined the bodybuilding industry. He entered and won an amateur competition for Mr. Summer at Summer’s Night Club on the Ft. Lauderdale strip. Following his initial experience, Rick Valente concentrated on training and strengthening his body to participate in more fitness competitions. By the time he was 21 years old, Rick Valente earned 1st place for Mr. Gold Coast and 2nd place for Mr. Golden Glades.

Rick Valente possesses a diverse background in promoting bodybuilding and fitness. A recognizable figure during the 1980s and 1990s, Rick Valente served as a cohost for Body Shaping, an internationally broadcasted exercise show. For over 10 years, Rick Valente aided in gathering more than 3 million domestic viewers per day for ESPN.


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