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Justin Devinney

Justin DeVinney, a resident of Alexandria for more than eight years, has managed renovations that changed neighborhoods in the Alexandria and Del Ray area. He demonstrates his passion for real estate in the quality of the homes he renovates and the exemplary level of service he provides his leaseholders, clients, and  investors.

A true visionary, Justin established The DeVinney Group to assemble a team to provide expertise in real estate and property investment. Few real estate executives can boast the depth and breadth of Justin’s knowledge and experience.

Prior to becoming a Realtor and investor, Justin built a solid career in the communications and marketing industry. He began his professional career as an account executive at a national marketing and communication firm. Justin uses his sales and marketing skills, coupled with his ambition and passion for real estate, to make wise and profitable real estate deals.

An alumnus of Northeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, Justin believes strongly in social responsibility and regularly dedicates his supporter to local charitable organizations. During his leisure time, Justin is an avid Porsche racer.


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