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John Effrein

As advisor to Presidential Life Corporation in Nyack, New York, corporate finance executive and value recognition strategist John Effrein implemented a wide variety of highly successful plans. Originally signed to a three-month contract, his efforts led to an extension of his tenure, granting him a total of 18 months with the firm. He remained with the company until its sale to Athene Annuity Life Assurance Company in 2012, a transaction on which he had a substantial impact.

Mr. Effrein’s duties with Presidential Life included the preparation of rating agency presentations for the years of 2010 and 2011. The 2010 presentation led to the company’s first upgrade in more than ten years and the 2011 version was classified as one of the best as well. He was also responsible for facilitating effective communication with shareholders via executive speeches, press releases, and letters sent directly to stock owners. He also implemented a comprehensive analytics system, including an exhaustive database with 82 annuity competitors. He also analyzed the firm’s investment portfolio, historical dividends, and capital deployment alternatives and valuation multiples to industry indices.

In addition to these information gathering efforts, Mr. Effrein developed a strategic plan for 2012 to 2016 and quarterly financial supplements for analysts on Wall Street. His strategic value recognition plan greatly benefitted Presidential Life shareholders upon the company’s sale to Athene Annuity Life Assurance. After the plan—praised by the Board of Directors—was implemented, the company’s final sale price rose to $415 million, a 38 percent premium to market. John Effrein’s efforts contributed to shareholders’ receipt of over $100 million of value.


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