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Jeffrey Haire


 In 1986, Jeffrey Haire earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from San Diego State University. Selected as "Man of the Year" by his peers in the SDSU Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Jeffrey demonstrated a constant intellectual and personal drive toward excellence and integrity.
 He was equally recognized by the University’s administration, as he earned a place as 1 of only 25 official "SDSU Ambassadors" in both his junior and senior years. Ambassadors are the official representatives of the University to the community, prospective students, staff, and families of SDSU.
 After graduating, Jeffrey joined the Torrance Police Department in Torrance, California. Serving as a career patrol officer and investigator, Mr. Haire helped ensure the safety of this 150,000 person community for many years. Sixteen of his years at Torrance Police Department were spent in uniform patrol functions, a tenure much higher than average for career police officers.
  In addition to his own responsibilities while on patrol and specific investigative assignments, he took an increasing role in training new officers. Mr. Haire taught a variety of topics to new and veteran department offices, including philosophies of ethical policing, field training, and awareness of mental health issues. He revised the department’s training manual to include topics of mental health and improved field training strategies.
  Jeffrey has extensive experience dealing with the mentally ill in both the community as a police officer, and in the community mental health setting as a therapist intern. He has experience handling with people with schizophrenia, bi-polar illness, and personality disorders.
  During his time at the Torrance Police Department, Jeffrey created, implemented, and supported a number of high-profile programs. He led the department’s community-based policing program, and also supported his compatriots as a Police Trauma Support Team Peer Counselor.
  Jeffrey earned community acclaim for his “ PTA Student Valet Parking” initiative in 1992. He established the pilot program at "Yukon Elementary School" in north Torrance. This program has since been implemented at thousands of schools nationwide to improve the drop-off and pick-up of middle school children. The school children who demonstrated sholarship and citizenship in a given period were selected to be school parking valets, awarded bright orange vests and given training to assist in the "parental drive-thru" lane delineated in front of the school.
 This valet program increased safety, reduced congestion, and improved morale amongst the parents, students, and neighbors. For his efforts, he was featured in the KCOP, Channel 13, daily news broadcast as the "Person of the Week" in Southern California.
  In October 1988, Jeffrey Haire received a formal commendation for saving the life of an infant who had stopped breathing for several minutes and registered no pulse when officers came on the scene. Haire applied infant CPR in the front seat of a police car while his partner drove to the hospital. Police Chief Donald Nash stated that Jeffrey Haire’s “quick response and appropriate use of lifesaving techniques are credited with saving the infant’s life.” He went on to receive numerous commendations for his proactive police work and professionalism under fire.
  Throughout his career of service, Jeffrey proved his ability to handle the difficult social and crime problems in his community. He was especially recognized for his work with mentally ill individuals and the city’s homeless population. Haire also earned regular commendations for his proactive enforcement strategies, success in gang violence reduction, and community engagement.
  Toward the end of his career as a police officer, Jeffrey Haire enrolled at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Earning a GPA of 3.95, Jeffrey Haire ultimately graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. He focused on attachment theory, psychoanalysis, and personality disorders. While a graduate student, he wrote academic papers on "Native Americans and Alcoholism", and the "Impact of Media Coverage on Terrorism." 
  Currently, Jeffrey applies the expertise he acquired through years of police service to his independent law enforcement analyis. In addition to publishing his work on crime and psychology in the Daily Breeze, Jeffrey writes for international publications, such as Colombia Reports on the connection between community policing strategies and an overall reduction in a community’s fear of crime.
  One of his most recent articles, entitled "Projecting the future of the Mexican drug war", was published May 2011 by the Bogota Free Planet in Colombia. It can be read at this link:
  His most recent essay on Colombia's army and the war with the FARC terror group can be read at "The Bogota Free Planet" newspaper :
  Jeffrey is known for his friendly, outgoing demeanor and professional bearing in all his contacts. He resides in Los Angeles, Ca.



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