Jared West - Founder/CEO @ The Mantis Knife Company

Jared West

Industrial designer Jared West applies both his artistic talents and his business expertise to Mantis Knives, a leading producer of elite knives. Jared West founded Mantis Knives in 2006, and the firm has grown to international prominence under his leadership. Combining industry-leading technology and an unwavering commitment to quality, knife models from Mantis Knives have won recognition from Blade and other publications.    In addition to his work with Mantis Knives, Jared West holds several other positions. Jared West is a Licensed Product Line Manager at The Sharper Image, where he creates both products and packaging for the celebrated firm. Jared West has also spent a number of years at Polaroid Corporation, where he is a Licensed National Sales Manager. Finally, Jared West chairs Westwayz Trading International, a collaboration of three companies that import products from China and Belarus into the United States.   Jared West holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from Loyola Marymount University. In his spare time, Jared West enjoys mountain biking and auto racing. Jared West reaches out to others through his involvement with Fullerton Children's Repertory Theater and other nonprofit and cultural organizations.


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