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Irv Goldman

Irvin Goldman is a senior executive who has been CEO and managing partner of a global securities firm and multi-million dollar hedge fund, respectively. While he is perhaps best known for generating over 3 billion USD in net income by running Credit Suisse First Boston's Interest Rate and Proprietary trading business without ever sustaining an unacceptable loss, Mr. Goldman also notably rebuilt the debt capital markets and asset management divisions of Cantor Fitzgerald & Company post 9/11. He chiefly led the company in its establishment as one of 22 primary dealers with the Federal Reserve Bank and underwriter for GSA's.

Irv started with Salomon Brothers in New York, where he was promoted to head of desk after 18 months with five direct reports, eventually becoming Vice President of Salomon's finance department. In 1988, he left the company to work for First Boston, where he worked his way up to be head of US Interest Rate and Derivative Businesses by 1995. Through very strong risk management and business building skills he was able to revitalize First Boston's Mortgage Backed Securities Department, which lost over 70 percent of its staff, and to preclude ever having any unacceptable drawdowns or losses. A member of the Global Fixed Income Management Committee and Chair of the Fixed Income Risk Management Committee, he left the firm in 2001 to launch his own hedge fund. 

Irv launched Goldrock Capital Management LLC in the summer of 2001 and decided immediately after the events of September 11, 2001 to close the fund, returning investors' original capital. After taking some time off, he agreed to join Cantor Fitzgerald, with the mission to help rebuild the firm through the development of a global fixed income and assset management business.

At Cantor Fitzgerald, Irv Goldman hired over 350 professionals, launched 16 product areas, opened 13 branch offices and within four years built a division generating $200 million in revenues. He established the firm as a primary dealer of the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Goldman was asked by the Chairman to take over a London Based equity derivatives sector which had incurred three consecutive negative eight figure losses, and turned the business around to generate profit within his first year. After further establishing and launching a business of raising capital and investing in a portfolio of hedge funds, he was promoted to President and CEO of the company in 2006. 

In 2007, Irvin Goldman left the firm over strategic and philosophical differences and joined JPMorgan Chase as Managing Director of the Chief Investment Office, where he was responsible for advising on investment and business strategy of a 350 billion global fixed income portfolio. After continuing the success he had shown in his advising and investment throughout his career, he was promoted to Chief Risk Officer in 2012. 

Mr. Goldman graduated from NYU's five year BS MBA program in four years, while teaching undergraduate courses, co-authoring an unpublished book on municipal bonds, and working as a graduate assistant for Professor Robert Lamb.

Irvin donates to a host of charitable organizations. His principal philanthropy includes, but is not limited serving on the Board of Trustees for Summer on the Hill, an underprivileged education program, and the Advisory Board of Rock and Wrap it Up, an organization set up to directly address hunger and poverty in the United States by directly delivering unused and untouched food from professional sporting events and concerts to those in need.

In his leisure time, Mr. Goldman is a cinephile and amateur artist, who has made de facto Warhol Hirschfeld replicas, and has an extensive portfolio of his own. He is also an entrepreneur, creating two separate businesses in Goldrock Capital Management and Hamilton Goldman LLC, when he was not working. Furthermore, he used his imagination and combined two of his interests in entrepreneurship and film to create GoldRock Entertainment - a financial conduit to fund films. GoldRock entertainment funded Manda Bala, which won the Sundance Film Festival Award for Best Documentary in 2007. 


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