Emanuel Kopstein - Emanuel Kopstein Manages The Research, Advertising, And Promotion For Two Businesses In Marin County, California

Emanuel Kopstein is the co-founder and Vice President of L’Chaim House, Inc. At these assisted living homes tailored to elderly men and women which are non-denominational and honor Jewish traditions, he manages three principal areas of the business: new resident intake and orientation, market research and direction of resident activities. L’Chaim House has been featured in San Francisco Bay Area publications and garnered awards as a high-quality assisted living enterprise.

Prior to opening L’Chaim House, he held responsibilities as the president of TransGlobal Marketing Corporation for nearly 20 years. There, he supervised an in-house sales staff of 10 individuals who generally worked international accounts in consumer banking and commerce. He also drove the marketing of an international brand of outdoor and skiing merchandise. Kopstein and his team’s efforts to promote both their proprietary and famous international brands opened the Japanese and American markets to new competition.

During his second decade with TransGlobal, Kopstein founded TGM Sports, Inc., which he served as President for 13 more years. In this role, he organized winter sports shows for the public and the trade showcasing new products from industry leaders and introducing new brands from outside the country to American consumers. These “FantaSki” shows were launched from offices in San Francisco and traveled as far east as Denver.

More recently, Emanuel Kopstein spent six years as the co-owner of Dynamite Baseball Summer Camps. He again puts his marketing skills to use promoting the camps, managing the group’s public relations contacts, advertising, and bookings. The camp just finished its sixth summer season and has served hundreds of youth between the ages of six and 13. He also founded the Grants for Good Foundation in the Bay Area, which raises charitable funds by organizing raffle ticket sales for chances to win cash and consumer gifts as prizes.


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