David Brandon - President & CEO @ Fayette Regional Health System

David Brandon

Prior to his most recent position as CEO and President of Fayette Regional Health System, David R. Brandon served as the Executive Director of Business Development at the Mountain States Health Alliance in Johnson City, Tennessee. In this position, David R. Brandon garnered a wide range of skills and expertise that proved invaluable to Fayette Regional Health System. David R. Brandon worked at the Mountain States Health Alliance from 1990 until 1995. At this nonprofit network of fifteen hospitals spanning four states, David R. Brandon negotiated affiliations with new institutions, created a network of rural primary care providers, implemented regional mobile diagnostic services, planned for the development of new care facilities, and recruited physicians. In addition, David R. Brandon undertook several special assignments at the Mountain States Health Alliance. The first of these assignments, in 1991, was at the Johnson County Hospital in Mountain City, Tennessee, which had been closed due to financial difficulties. David R. Brandon was responsible for raising funds to reopen the hospital, and in this capacity he secured state and federal grants worth $500,000 as well as an additional $750,000 in capital contributions from community donors. Furthermore, David R. Brandon negotiated a joint venture rural family practice teaching center between the Kellogg Foundation and Quillen College of Medicine that resulted in an additional $3.5 million for the hospital. These achievements, together with a department needs assessment with JCMC, led to the reopening of the Johnson County Hospital in less than one year. Following this assignment, David R. Brandon took on the post of CEO and Administrator at the Norton Community Hospital, an affiliated institution in Virginia. In 1992, the Norton Community Hospital operated at a loss of $1.7 million. Within one year, David R. Brandon transformed that loss into a $1.3 million profit. David R. Brandon achieved this feat through new service creation, a 10% reduction in overhead, a restructuring of the hospital’s debt, and two labor union contract negotiations. David R. Brandon’s union negotiations, in fact, were the first successful contract negotiations at the Norton Community Hospital in over 12 years. Through these experiences, David R. Brandon gained a wide range of expertise that he brought with him to Fayette Regional Health System in Indiana. This expertise allowed David R. Brandon to build Fayette Regional Health System into one of the top 50 non-teaching hospitals in the United States.


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