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Welcome to Arie Genger's page!>
Welcome to Arie Genger's page! - Arie Genger is a multi-faceted businessman whose extensive experience represents multiple sectors that include agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, New York real estate and merchant banking. In addition to his business successes, he has earned a reputation for being one who dedicates his time and... read more
Industries: Diversified Business, International Business, Investment, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Political, Real Estate, Retail
Lynn Hildebrand serves the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley - As the Humane Education Teacher for the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley (HSSBV), Lynn Hildebrand teaches students from preschool to sixth grade about the significance of animals, proper pet care, and benevolence towards all forms of wildlife. During interactive presentations with school stud... read more
Industries: Non-Profit
Ethan Draddy has worked to extend and sustain the efforts of the Baltimore Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America>
Ethan Draddy has worked to extend and sustain the efforts of the Baltimore Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America - Under the guidance of Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer Ethan Draddy, the Baltimore Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America has begun to offer a wide array of new programs in support of its traditional ideals. In August of 2010, through the Baltimore Area Co... read more
Industries: Non-Profit
Pastor, Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh - St. Basil Catholic Parish, under the leadership of the Reverend James Torquato, is a house of worship and Catholic community center located in the Carrick neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The parish is named after St. Basil the Great, a respected Christian priest, bishop, and theologia... read more
Industries: Non-Profit
Communications Advisor, Media Manager & Entrepreneur>
Communications Advisor, Media Manager & Entrepreneur - Jon Garbo founded his namesake advisory firm after more than a decade in New York serving as communications counsel for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, an international public relations firm, a major U.S. cancer research organization, and as a daily health news writer and magazine journalist. ... read more
Industries: Health Care, Non-Profit, Pharmaceuticals, Public Relations
Loan Servicing Software by LSSI - LSSI’s New Servicer3D™ Recognized as Top Loan Servicing Software   Side By Side Comparison Places Servicer3D in Top Tier   POWAY, CA, July 8, 2008 – Lender Support Systems Inc. (LSSI), a global provider of eMortgage enabled lending and loan servicing software, was ran... read more
Industries: Application Service Provider, Associations, B2B, Bank, Computer:Software, Construction, Credit Union, Financial Services, Information Services, Legal, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Small Business, Technology
 Quadriga Art, a leading full-service fundraising and direct mail marketing company>
Quadriga Art, a leading full-service fundraising and direct mail marketing company - Quadriga Art is a seventy year old multi-faceted manufacturing, publishing, retail supply, full-service fundraising and direct mail marketing company. Quadriga Art stands for excellence, imagination, quality and creativity. Quadriga Art, a leading full-service fundraising and direct mail market... read more
Industries: Non-Profit
Douglas Loisel>
Douglas Loisel - Founder and principal of Loisel Consulting Services, Dr. Douglas Loisel has over 15 years of business management experience. In that time, he spent nine years in an executive role for non-profit businesses such as The Salvation Army and several foster family agencies. Loisel Consulting Services offe... read more
Industries: Consulting, Non-Profit
An Idealist, Buddhist and Humane Living Advocate>
An Idealist, Buddhist and Humane Living Advocate - My passion is working in non-profit communications, and I've developed a special interest and education in the HIV field, with an emphasis on urban populations and confidentiality laws. I've also been involved in animal welfare and advocacy for the past two decades.  Throughout the recent past... read more
Industries: Public Relations, Advocacy, Directory or Search Engines, Gay/Lesbian, Non-Profit
Terry Watson on Peoplepond - Terry Watson is the President of the Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA). The organization facilitates the travel of students and other individuals seeking educational and cultural opportunities. Terry Watson and CETUSA strive to ensure their programs increase cultural understanding for bot... read more
Industries: Education, Non-Profit
Welcome to Shimon Sheves's page!>
Welcome to Shimon Sheves's page! - Early in his career politician and businessman, Shimon Sheves, was the coordinator on the southern Golan Kibbutz Afik, as well as an active member of the Golan Settlements Committee. This paved the way for his appointment as Chairman of Golan Settlements Committee, the Deputy Chairman of Golan Heigh... read more
Industries: Advocacy, Consulting, International Business, Investor Relations, Investment, Marketing, Non-Profit, Political