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Welcome to Arie Genger's page!>
Welcome to Arie Genger's page! - Arie Genger is a multi-faceted businessman whose extensive experience represents multiple sectors that include agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, New York real estate and merchant banking. In addition to his business successes, he has earned a reputation for being one who dedicates his time and... read more
Industries: Diversified Business, International Business, Investment, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Political, Real Estate, Retail
Lorna Brody is the clothing designer and principal of UFO Contemporary, Inc. >
Lorna Brody is the clothing designer and principal of UFO Contemporary, Inc. - Lorna Brody, the principal of UFO Contemporary, Inc., supports the efforts of Dancers Care Foundation. The nonprofit provides funds for cancer research and prevention through events involving the dance community. UFO Contemporary, Inc. provides clothing for dance and fitness, as well as youthful str... read more
Industries: Arts, Design, Fashion or Beauty, Manufacturing, Retail
Kazio Networks - Kazio Networks is a B2B (industrial) network engineering company geared at designing, servicing and automating medium to large factories and manufacturing industries. We specialize in the ever growing technology of wired/ wireless industrial ethernet. Our industrial ethernet expertise can help maxi... read more
Industries: B2B, Consulting, Information Services, Manufacturing, Other, Small Business, Technology
LBP Manufacturing>
LBP Manufacturing - LBP Manufacturing, Inc. provides a wide range of environmentally friendly, paper-based packaging products for the fast food, coffee service, and convenience store industries. LBP Manufacturing fulfills the needs of established businesses and new companies alike, offering a full range of service... read more
Industries: Manufacturing