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Mind Pioneer>
Mind Pioneer - I am an oridinary middle aged man living in the midwest of the United States of America. Like all of us, I have had my share of challenges to face and my decision remains to continue the good fight. By "good fight" I am reffering to striving to become more read more
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Director of Talent Acquisition at Lucasfilm>
Director of Talent Acquisition at Lucasfilm - An energetic recruiting leader with over 10 years telecommunications and technology experience; MBA graduate from Queen’s University, ranked number #1 MBA program outside the US by BusinessWeek, and a proven people and project manager. read more
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Xaliamoutras - xalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.GR xalias.GRxalias.G... read more
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Largest backgammon room online>
Largest backgammon room online - Play65 is the largest backgammon room online Online since 2005, Play65 backgammon room has more than 7 million members Play65 offers free download backgammon software availabe in more than 20 different languages 24/7 backgammon games and matches Daily backgammon tournnaments, sit & gos, sate... read more
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Dress Up Games>
Dress Up Games - These days, Girls Dress Up Games are very popular amongst every age of people, mostly they are being played by Youngsters. At you will find different kinds of Girls Dress Up Games with latest updates| Hope you will enjoy with u. read more
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A huge gambling & sports lover>
A huge gambling & sports lover - 39 years old A huge gambling & sports lover ,married + 2 read more
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Steve Budin offers sports picks from his popular handicapping website, >
Steve Budin offers sports picks from his popular handicapping website, - Sports betting pioneer Steve Budin brings 20 years of experience to his innovative online company, Inc. Visitors to will find daily picks by a select group of handicappers and special releases by Budin, the CEO. Handicapping remains a popular approach to sports betting,... read more
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Nicolai Villadsens Profile>
Nicolai Villadsens Profile -   My name is Nicolai Villadsen and i'm a Multimediadesigner. Currently I am studying at University College Nordjylland Technology & Bussiness. I love working with HTML aswell as I like programming in Visual Studio 2010 and working with pictures, graphic or photographs, in Photoshop. On... read more
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Welcome to Alan Azizollahoff's page!>
Welcome to Alan Azizollahoff's page! - Alan Azizollahoff is a gaming entrepreneur, consultant and highly successful investor currently based in the United States with his wife and four children. Azizollahoff is a native to Durban in South Africa and left his hometown at 17 to study a degree in Industrial Design in Jersualem, Israel. Lat... read more
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Level Designer and World Builder>
Level Designer and World Builder - Michael is a Level/Game designer and world builder who likes to focus on absolute marvel of creating the perfect gaming experience. With a focus on lighting, particles, and spatial composition the main focus of the designs lies in the initial splendor of seeing the world, quickly followed by either ... read more
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Mobile Media City- A city of Iphone/ Ipad Applications >
Mobile Media City- A city of Iphone/ Ipad Applications - I am Nicole Davis, my friends call me flossy. I am from Canada. I did my majors in Accountancy and Finance. As my passion is Art so i did many courses in Art. Currently working as an Art Head in Mobile Media City, a city of Iphone/ Ipad Applications. read more
Industries: Application Service Provider, Arts, Education, Game Site, Health Care, Healthcare Provider, Mobile, Technology, Telecommunication - The Best Place To Play> - The Best Place To Play - offers traditional card and table games, as well as slots, video poker and progressive bonus jackpot games. The games are currently available in Adobe Flash or to download, and can be played for real money or for fun in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Danish and Russian.... read more
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Bingo Liner>
Bingo Liner - Avid bingo player, specially via the walk and chat software on sites such as Bingo Liner UK. read more
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PSP Downloads>
PSP Downloads - Have some experience developing strategies for barbie dolls in Las Vegas, NV. Spent 2001-2005 testing the market for rubik's cubes for fun and profit. Spent 2001-2006 getting to know tobacco in Cuba. At the moment I'm building magma in Libya. read more
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Michael W. Graham>
Michael W. Graham - When not overseeing operations for three businesses, Michael W. Graham enjoys the outdoors, participating in activities such as hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, and golfing. He also travels extensively, already having visited over 200 cities in 24 foreign countries. He speaks multiple languages as ... read more
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Sleep Apnea>
Sleep Apnea - There are snoring relief to my checklist. They were efficient prevent snoring that might involve some unpleasant negative effects. Not to say, in relation to how serious the how to stop snoring will be the anti snoring solutions that exist, one of the most effective read more
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