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Internet Marketing Trainer>
Internet Marketing Trainer - Founder and chairman of the PPC Summits conferences currently being offered in the US and UK, the #1 Pay Per Click training resource. She has trained thousands of advertisers internationally over the last 7 years through PPC Summits, Pay Per Click Advertiser Workshops sponsored by Yahoo! Search Mark... read more
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Writer, designer, technologist>
Writer, designer, technologist -   Steve Glines, in addition to being the editor of Wilderness House Literary Review, is an essayist, journalist, storyteller, occasional poet and bon vivant. His motto is, “The best is barely good enough.” Steve has published seven books, only one of which might be considered even r... read more
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The REAL Hollywood Street King>
The REAL Hollywood Street King - Jacky Jasper born 1977, Hollywood California. Jacky never attended public school; he chose to remain un-programmed by the public education machine and was home schooled. At 16 his parents got divorced and at 17 Jacky went to Canada with his moms and decided to do his last year of highschool read more
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Chief Public Relations and Marketing Strategist of Excite Marketing Team>
Chief Public Relations and Marketing Strategist of Excite Marketing Team -       Pamela McElrath has a talent for helping companies get to the next level by adopt ing change and maximize performance through an integrated marketing approach.   Pamela has been a well respected professional in international marketing, advertising and public re... read more
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Freelance Writer>
Freelance Writer - {aka Shades or Flash} I'm an award-winning photographer and journalist primarily with the Portsmouth Daily Times (OH). My freelance work has included the Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH) and the Fort Wayne (IN) Newspaper Group as well as many schools, events and businesses. After an auto accident ... read more
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