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is looking to introduce your new plants to the World! - Plants Nouveau is a company about plants, fueled by the introduction of novel, innovative selections from real plant people.  Royalties collected by Plants Nouveau are shared with the plant’s originator and re-invested into the program’s marketing efforts.  Plants Nouveau is th... read more
Industries: Consumer Goods, International Business, Marketing
Cutting-edge Cleaning Products>
Cutting-edge Cleaning Products - A creator of innovative and technologically advanced cleaning solutions with a significant worldwide presence, Buckeye International, Inc., maintains a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition to superior products, the company offers several proportioning systems to help clients save ... read more
Industries: Consumer Goods, Environmental, Other
Established to develop hairpieces and facial hair for entertainers>
Established to develop hairpieces and facial hair for entertainers - Considering wig manufacturing an art form, High Definition Hair puts a great deal of effort in the construction of its customized hairpieces. Clients, whether bald or with a full head of hair, can choose from a selection of wigs or hair systems. The purchase price includes hair, application, cutting... read more
Industries: Consumer Goods
Michael Pouls on Profileponds>
Michael Pouls on Profileponds - Michael Pouls launched Kidz-IDz in 2002 to boost child safety and education. A father himself, he was surprised to learn that, in the case of abduction, if a child is not located within the first few hours, the chance of recovery is slim. Additionally, parents should teach their kids better read more
Industries: Consumer Goods