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Dr. David Kyle's Maryland Career>
Dr. David Kyle's Maryland Career - In 1984, Dr. David Kyle of Maryland cofounded Martek Biosciences Corporation with one major goal in mind: The company wanted to develop a product to help improve the nutritional status of babies all around the world. Dr. David Kyle of Maryland had discovered a way to produce these crucial fatty aci... read more
Industries: University, Biotechnology
Vice President Global Strategic Sourcing, Chief Procurement Officer at Amgen Inc. - Farryn Melton is a successful business leader with a formidable history of reorganizing operations to achieve increased savings, productivity, and efficiency in various business environments. Utilizing skills she developed and honed early in her career, Farryn Melton ascended the corporate ladder an... read more
Industries: Biotechnology
Arthroscopic Hip Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist>
Arthroscopic Hip Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist - Dr. Marc Philippon is an arthroscopic hip surgeon who is consistently recognized as one of the leading experts in disorders of the hip. Internationally known for treating sports related and traumatic injuries relating to the hip, he is a Partner at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado — ... read more
Industries: Biotechnology, Healthcare Provider, Medical, Science