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Markus Lattner is a Pennsylvania businessman with special interest in Lean Manufacturing. He is currently the improvement manager for a Community Supported Agricultural farm in Schuykill County. In the past, Markus Lattner has served in a variety of positions, predominantly in manufacturing management. Mr. Lattner has held key positions in both his home country of Austria as well as the United States.

With his current employer, Markus Lattner is responsible for ensuring that the nursery and its packaging operations are streamlined and efficient. As well, Mr. Lattner is in charge of implementing improvement programs utilizing lean techniques and principles in all aspects of the business, including maintenance and quality control.  Markus Lattner has been in this position since 2010 and continues to improve the day-to-day operations of this chemical free CSA.

Prior to entering the agricultural business, Markus Lattner served as the vice president of a powder coatings firm in southeastern Pennsylvania. In this role, Markus Lattner managed all aspects of operations and was responsible for profit and loss, human resources and information technology. Notably, Markus Lattner implemented ISO 9001 and 14001 quality procedures and assisted in loss reduction by streamlining company operations using lean manufacturing techniques.

Markus Lattner began his career and education in manufacturing as a teenager in Kirchdorf/Krems, Austria in 1984. Markus Lattner was a joiner who manufactured custom cabinetry out of hardwood and laminate. Markus Lattner also acted as an installer, traveling throughout Austria improving the interiors of hotels, bars, and private homes with his handcrafted materials. During this time, Markus Lattner completed a three-year apprenticeship training program in Cabinet Making.

In 1990, Markus Lattner left Austria and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where he was a partner and operated a firm that manufactured digital readout technology for use in machining equipment. Markus Lattner was responsible for the development, repair, and installation of those systems, which feed machine operators information on the position and output of their machines and help to ensure their equipment’s continued precision.

Markus Lattner returned to Austria in 1994. Although he remained a partner in the South African manufacturer for another two years, he took a position in a glass company, where he repaired products requiring glass or mirrors. Additionally, Markus Lattner created stained glass windows and was responsible for the framing preservation of countless works of art.

Markus Lattner holds several trade certifications, and is a graduate of the NEKSA College of Electronics in Johannesburg. In his spare time he enjoys baking artisan breads, listening to classical music, and studying ornithology with a focus on raptors. As well, Mr. Lattner has a keen interest in both Eastern and Western philosophies and Jungian psychology.


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