Inder Singh - VP, Corporate Portfolio Management @ Cisco Systems

Inder Singh

Inder Singh’s career as an executive and financial strategist spans more than two decades. With degrees from Columbia University and New York University, the multilingual Singh has attained multiple Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc., licenses and numerous professional recognitions. Additionally, he served as a technology-industry advisor to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Inder Singh currently works for Cisco Systems Inc. as Vice President of Corporate Portfolio Management and Long Range Planning.

Having been at Cisco since 2008, first as Vice President of Strategic Planning for Cisco’s Development Organization, Inder Singh already has participated in two of the company’s largest-ever acquisitions. His executive responsibilities include membership on several company boards, such as the Investment Review Board, for which he serves as Co-Chairman and approves all equity investments.

In addition, Inder Singh assesses emerging and existing competitors and identifies ways to reprioritize company growth. In his executive role with Cisco’s Development Organization, Singh guided the assessment of the company’s $5.5 billion research and development portfolio and redirected $500 million to growth areas. He also developed and implemented a portfolio management system that prioritizes $20 billion in annual investments.

Before joining the team at Cisco, Inder Singh held multiple executive and management positions with Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Prudential Securities (now Wachovia Securities), AT&T Corporation’s Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent), and American Express Company; he worked for the latter while pursuing his Master of Business Administration from NYU. Singh also studied at Columbia University, where he completed his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering.

The Wall Street Journal and other notable publications have recognized the achievements of Inder Singh.


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